We want to express our appreciation for the excellent service that we received from Rockstone construction. It's a wonderful and hardworking company. Ayman did an amazing job to finish our basement in a short amount of time. We are so pleased with the quality of the work he did and it was for a good cost. Ayman was always on time and he worked in our basement as if it was his own property.

Michael A

I asked Ayman if he would take a massive 2200 square feet project of colored concrete around our swimming pool, 500 square feet retention walls, and multiple level stairs and side entrance. Ayman was super honest, he did all that he can do to get us the most cost-effective and at the same time the best possible quality work. The man worked super hard, he was very flexible with changing plans, and at the end of the project, he delivered amazing work. I would 100% hire this team again if I need further work and I would be happy for anyone to come and see the quality of the work at my house at 112 Vanderbilt, Winnipeg. Excellent, honest, and reliable team. Excellent and great value for money. Alaa Awadalla Winnipeg

Alaa Awadalla

Ayman is such a remarkable individual who changed my view of construction contractors. Our experience with Mr Ayman was established when he was selected as the contractor for our landscape project at 28 Lake Bend Rd., Winnipeg, MB. The project included concrete slabs, stone, breaks, artificial grace, flower, and fire pits. In fact, what I have noticed in Ayman is his honesty, sincerity, kindness, and extreme car. I and my wife felt so confident about Mr Ayman and his team to the point that we have left the house into his hand and travelled away. When we returned back, we were extremely amazed by the beauty of the backyard and front yard. The great surprise was the cost of the project; I really felt happy that Mr Ayman has delivered the project with a very competitive/cost-effective ways. It was great working with Ayman and I can highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an honest and wonderful contractor.

Kyrillos Younan

Last fall we had our backyard landscaped by Ayman. As the snow recedes and uncovers our new backyard I am reminded of the wonderful experience we had with Rockstone Construction. I am so impressed on how everyone on Ayman's crew works so hard to complete our backyard. My husband was impressed by what is underneath what you see. The construction and amount of material to create such a stout foundation is really beyond our expectations. Thanks guys.


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